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П​е​с​н​и к​а​н​а​л​о​а​р​м​е​й​ц​а / Canal Army songs

by Красный Тибет / The Red Tibet

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The Canal Army Song (1932-33) (author unknown, English translation by A. Kifarets / O. Kudrova) The birch of Karelia, your time has gone, So bow your head bold under the chopper’s blow. ‘Cross the rivers and lakes, through the rain and snow The White Sea we reach, to the White Sea we go!.. Red and blue are the dawns of the North In July or January. As we rose, Closer was the Sea, closer was the water So salt, green and cold… And good was our job, no one let down. As twenty months passed, we made the Canal. And for those twenty months we ain’t worked in vain: We learned to mix cement, fitters and locksmiths became And we’re lost no more, The life full of virtues we’ll live, this path we’ll ever go!
Seas the Polar (1960) Music: A. Averkin, lyrics: V. Matveev (English translation by A. Kifarets / O. Kudrova) The deep dusk is falling And fog's growing grey The mist is creeping over The ocean from far away. The sea is a-changing And the wave is high and wild, But our Fatherland dear Fills our brave hearts. Oh seas, the Polar, Oh the wave is cold For the Soviet homeland We stand as the wall! Our Fleet is mighty, Through the battles of Honour. And the Sun shines so brightly Above our Land and in our souls. Oh seas, the Polar, Oh the wave is cold For the Soviet homeland We stand as the wall! Again restless is the night, And storm is breaking the sea But our borders we guard, Safe always we keep! Oh seas, the Polar, Oh the wave is cold For the Soviet homeland We stand as the wall!
Dzerzhinsky Song (1976) Music: P. Kupreishvili Lyrics: F. Petrov., Ye. Ryabov, N. Shuklin (English translation by Irene T.) From mouth to mouth the legends are told Of faithful and glorious knight, The one who devoted his life to the Truth, For Lenin – support and delight. A pitiless judge for the traitors and foes, A torch for his friends to unite And stand arms in hand for the new better world He showed us the way with his life. Chorus: Felix, Felix the iron, Felix kind and soft-hearted, A friend in the fight, A guard in the night His deeds and his fame In songs will remain! For thousands of orphans like farther he was, A teacher both caring and wise, He shared his courageous fiery soul And taught them to live and to fight. Chorus The peace won’t be broken, new warriors come To throw any hostile aside And Felix is always with us in this war We’ll keep revolution alive!
Autore ignoto (1932-33) (Italian translation by Yevgeniya K.) Canzone dell'Armata di Canale Betulla di Carelia Il tuo turno e' gia. Di inclinare testa Al colpo di ascia. Attraversiam i fiumi Che piove o nevica, Arriveremo tutti fin al mare Bianco la. Che alba blu o rosso Ogni giorno vedevam. Ci alzavam in giugno In gennaio alzavam. Il mar s'avvicinava Ed era pien di sal Vicina l'acqua fredda verdastra di quel mar. Noi tutti siamo bravi e lavor finito gia. Son stati venti mesi per scavare il canal. In questi venti mesi non invano lavoriam ferraii, montatori, e cementisti siam. Da or in poi noi tutti sappiamo come far La vita piena di virtu’ Avremmo da passar.


The album is dedicated to the construction of the White Sea-Baltic canal in the name of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, 1931-33.


released December 30, 2018

Music: (1, 5) author unknown, 1932-33; (2) A. Averkin, 1960; (3) P. Kupreishvili, 1976; (4) Red Tibet, 2018 г.
Lyrics: (1, 5) author unknown, 1932-33, Italian translation by E. Kudryavtseva, 2016; (2) V. Matveev, 1960; (3) F. Petrov, E. Ryabov, N. Shuklin, 1976.
Recorded and mixed: (1-3, 5) Anton Tereshin (Saint Petersburg, 2015-2018), (4) Efim Gordeev (Saint Petersburg, 2018)
Mastered at Sage Audio (Nashville, TN, USA)
Arts: Nikolai Panferov



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